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just had my laptop crashed and the error was a hal.dll error. i had tried to install longhorn and it gave me an error. got it solved by keying in bootcfg /rebuild.

try the bootcfg /scan if it gives an error then go ahead with the /rebuild option. i just gave in the /rebuild option since i knew the error had come from the boot.ini file

HAL (hal.dll) is an acronym for hardware abstraction layer. The hal.dll file is a Windows NT file that is used by windows when communicating with your computer’s hardware. It enables hardware from different vendors to allow them to accept a common set of Windows commands. If hall.dll missing Windows will not function.

there are instances that one will have to reinstall the os if the hal.dll is not fixed by the bootcfg /rebuild, now i didnt have to do that, reinstalling the os might take around 30 mins or so imagine installting all the programs / softwares and getting the db back into shape, now thats a nightmare / scare that exorcists or evil death cant beat ;-O


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