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There are usually only two things that stop most adolescent males from being guitar “rock gods” – lack of a guitar and a total lack of talent. Now a group of young Finnish scientists have found a way to overcome these little obstacles.

The Virtual Air Guitar can be mastered in just a few seconds.

You simply put on a pair of orange gloves, stand in front of a camera which is attached to a computer and the software reads your hand movements to create music, of a sort.

There are two basic programs: chords and solo. The chords on offer are perhaps a little basic but even the most musically inept can, within a minute or two, produce the opening riff to Deep Purple’s classic Smoke on the Water.

One member of the team behind the project, Aki Kanerva at the Helsinki University of Technology, said the tune was ideal as it was both “easy to play and has the right spirit of rock”


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