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Lets look at the possibilities of why someone under this sky would have a website.

1. Personal Website

2. Blog

3. corporate

4… and a zillion other good reasons.

And when you have decided to have a website, you would either go for the free hosting or paid hosting depending on the depth or the requirement of the hosting. We find a webhost the cheapest the most competitive. and we host there. Now when we host a site, it is supposed to receive hits. when we start receiving hits the energy to make the site better and better boils in you.

Creating a website better could start from from designing from borrowed ideas, if you are not much of a designer and code if you are not much of a programmer. And finally we get all the programming and designing perfect to our liking and much to the dislike to others. Of course you will agree that if we had to listen to the world, we would be walking around naked!

The host as I said earlier is the most competitive, providing with you ample space, emails more than what a mid-size corporate would require, your eyes pop with the delicacy. Enough.. Enough… Then I go and host my website, but I am not getting hits, I am not very happy at this. hmmm… not to be sad, it is always this way for a starter is the advice, I keep posting and posting, Google, Yahoo takes notice, they bring in traffic, and slowly over 2 years I have enough traffic. I am happy….With the hits my website becomes tooooo slow, and I write promptly to the web host.

AAAHHH…my web host is not happy, here comes the equation. you are not supposed to have a more than 50 connections outside, I said I do not. Well then probably the slow site is due to shared hosting. here is the email correspondence from them

Discussion Notes
Support Staff Response
Dear Sir or Madam,Thank you for contacting hosting support.

Unfortunately, we were unable to duplicate an issue with the speed of your hosting account right at this time. In a shared hosting environment, the server resources are shared among many customers, and therefore there may be times where the site doesn’t work as quickly as you would like. This is just one of the side affects of sharing resources. It also looks like your site may be pulling information from other sources as well. Depending on the network capacity to these sources, and the traffic they are experiencing, it can affect the speed which your site loads.

If you would like to alleviate the possibility that other customers’ may be slowing down your web experience, we offer Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated servers, where you will share resources with less customers – and in a Dedicated environment, you would share with no other customers. This may be more attractive to you if you are unhappy with the speed and dedicated power that your shared hosting account receives.

Please let us know if we can help you in any other way.


Advanced Hosting Support

Customer Inquiry
Hello,I optimized the tables that needed optimization, the site is still running slow. I am aware that I have shared hosting, but the site is slow for the past one week.


If you need further assistance with this matter, please reply to this email or contact customer service at (480) 505-8877 and reference [Incident ID: 2868505].

Please let us know how we are doing by completing the survey located here.


The above emai tells me that my site is being slow because other users on the same server may be slowing down my website, I wonder how I am able to solve that issue? I guess the web host has no idea what they are talking about. Here is another email from them regarding the same issue.

Discussion Notes
Support Staff Response
Dear xxxxx,Thank you for taking time to contact Online Support. Unfortunately we are currently unable to duplicate your issue. We will need more information in order to assist you. Ideally, we would like step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the problem. What errors are you receiving? The more detailed information you can provide us, the better we will be able to help. We appreciate your cooperation and patience in this matter.

Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.


Online Support

Customer Inquiry
Hello,My website xxxxxx is down and it says MySQL server has gone away.



Now the above email is asking me how I can show the web host support team to slow my website, or reproduce the slow website on their side, I just cannot help thinking on how I can do it, probably tag the website down in the Sahara desert and try and pull it? How can I reproduce that, so I am not able to reproduce, therefore there is no support. This is simply interesting to the point that they are not at all good. And they ask me if there are any errors, yes i provided them with the error that “MySQL server has gone away”, gone away where for brunch?

Here is an email of me writing to them explaining my thoughts of the above email

Discussion Notes
Support Staff Response
Dear xxxx,Thank you for contacting Online Support.

It is possible the shared hosting server does not offer the amount of power you need to run your site. As previously mentioned we do have alternatives to shared hosting in the Virtual Dedicated or Dedicated Environment. We have reviewed this issue with our Advanced Hosting Support and are unable to duplicate the issue. You may wish to adjust the design of your site to optimize database quires and external connections as this can often contribute to ‘site slowness’.

For more information or to purchase a Virtual Dedicated server you can visit here.

For more information or to purchase a Dedicated server you can visit here

Please let us know if we can help in any other way.


Online Support Technician

Customer Inquiry
Hello,Ofcourse shared hosting means multiple web hosting on a server, but it does not mean slow loading of pages.


Before I explain the email, I will give you a pic of my stats, I get roughly 2000 hits a day. This should be sufficient for shared hosting. It seems they cannot handle this load, they ask me to move over to virtual or dedicated environment. Why should I do that when the website I run do not require such a hosting.

I am tired of explaining to them, here is something for you to smile

Discussion Notes
Support Staff Response
Dear xxxx,

Thank you for contacting Online Support. The hosting account is not suspended or down for any reason. This site does appear to be experiencing slowness. We’ll need to know the exact steps for this to take place. If you are experiencing any errors, we’ll need these errors or screen shots.

Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.
Online Support

Customer Inquiry

My website xxxxxx is down please bring it back online.


Here is an email from the stating that my website had caused outage on their servers and they took it out, so if other sites are making my site slow then they should do the same.

Discussion Notes
Support Staff Response
Dear Sir/Madam,

Our Network Center has recently notified us of an issue on your hosting account.

Recently your site has caused a server CPU over-utilization. This caused several sites within the server to experience load failures. We attempted to resolve the high server load by moving the account to a different server, but the account is still causing high server loads. Your account ‘xxxx’ has been disabled to so that our server levels would return to normal.

If you would like us to reinstate the account then please resolve the over-utilization issues or move to a dedicated server.

Please contact us if you have any further issues.

Advanced Hosting Support

I am tired, provide me with your response.  You all may be wondering who the web host is, its none other than GoDaddy


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1. The quality and stability of the hosting company. Search the internet to check if they have got a rating and review.

2. Space provided at least 5 GB

3. The no limit for the mysql db, even if it is one database. Remember the database increases as time passes.

4. The number of consecutive connections permitted, at least 10. In the even digg decides to kiss you 😀

5. If you are going for a personal website then look below $6.

6. The bandwidth provided is for decoration. You will not need the said bandwidth unless you are having over 20,000 hits a month, if this is the case the you make enough money from google adsense to fund a dedicated server.

7. Dont buy the gimmick of 12 months of pre-paid hosting and you get 12% off, as you might change your web host after 4 months, if you are not satisfied with the current.

8. The number of emails does not play a role if you are a small business. Web hosts say they will provide you with 1000 emails. Just a question, what are you going to do with this many emails anyway?

9. Some web host provide the same price for linux and windows hosting, check the features and go for what is convenient.

10. The support response will be 12 or 12 hours or minutes, but when you really need the support you will never get one.

11. Do not fall for the SSL certificate shit, as you will not require them unless you are doing credit card transaction. Assuming you are doing one too, you will have a link clicked to forward the details to a page that will have a SSL certificate.

There are a few important hosting tips.
1. Economy Plan : 5 hits a day
2. Deluxe Plan : 10 hits a day
3. Premium Plan: 20 hits a day
On the dedicated and virtual dedicated it is suggested not to have the digg effect, umm also the farking effect.
If you are going to exceed the above quota then your site is bound for review by the advanced hosting technical team and site down by such errors such as 503 and 403.   On other news if you have Google adsense or any adverts then you will have to forgo those as they are not going to generate any revenues. 

You host with godaddy then its a fine web host if you have 1 hit a month, very sweet going. If you have above 15,000 hits a month, godaddy cannot survive that. They bring down the website with a 503 and 403 error. Send them a email asking what is the problem, it seems you are sending a mail to dead people. No reply at all. Then I write an email to Bob Parson, President of GoDaddy, it takes him (secretary reply) 3 days to respond.

The reason if asked, given by them is that they cannot reproduce the problem therefore they have no idea what happened, the reply comes after 15 hours after the issue first reported. They send a confirmation email very nicely saying do not reply we will get back to you.

One thing is sure they have very old servers which will not survive a digg effect. Now that is a shame.

This should prove that godaddy is hiring dumb heads and stupids who have no idea what they are dealing with.

How can you recreate a 503 error when your website had one. That had been getting through my mind, ever since my website had been down for a 503 error.

I host with godaddy and they rectified the error, and wrote back to me saying that they were not able recreate the 503 error and therefore are not able to resolve. Isn’t that funny. Even more one of their customer support, infact 2 of them wrote to me, asking me to clear my browser cache.

One of them writes to me

“Unfortunately, we are unable to replicate your error. Please verify that you are still encountering this error, and please provide the specific URL of these errors, and we will be happy to assist you in this matter.”

Now when somebody says a 503 error does it not mean for the particular directory or domain, how would the “specific url” come into concern – help me

Here is another one from their support

“Thank you for contacting Online Support. I was unable to duplicate the issue. The URL provided by you did show a page. The problem that you are experiencing may be a web browser “Cookie” related issue.

Please follow the directions below to modify the settings for an Internet Explorer browser:

1. From the Tools / Internet Options menu in Internet Explorer click the ‘Privacy’ tab
2. Click ‘Advanced’ then place a check mark in ‘Override Automatic Cookie Handling’
3. Select ‘accept’ in both ‘first-party’ and ‘third-party’ cookies
4. Place a check in ‘Always allow session cookies’

Now attempt to login (I am not trying to login to my account, I am trying to view my website)  to your account again and see if this has fixed the problem.

If you are not currently using Internet Explorer as your browser, please check with your browser vendor for instructions on how to clear cookies and allow a cookie for a specific site”. Dont they provide support for firefox?

hmmm…………… what has a 503 error to do with the browser cache. I simply do not understand that.

still with the issue on how to recreate a 503 error. Help me to help godaddy.

GoDaddy Servers were down at 10 AM GMT.  None could access their Website or any hosted websites. 

Amazon Web Service is launching a new web service tonight called S3 – which stands for “Simple Storage Service?. It is a storage service backend for developers that offers “a highly scalable, reliable, and low-latency data storage infrastructure at very low costs?.

Until now, a sophisticated and scalable data storage infrastructure like Amazon’s has been beyond the reach of small developers. Amazon S3 enables any developer to leverage Amazon’s own benefits of massive scale with no up-front investment or performance compromises. Developers are now free to innovate knowing that no matter how successful their businesses become, it will be inexpensive and simple to ensure their data is quickly accessible, always available, and secure.

Here are the facts: This is a web service, and so Amazon is not releasing a customer facing service. They are offering standards-based REST and SOAP web services interfaces for developers. Entire classes of companies can be built on S3 that would not have been possible before due to infrastructure costs for the developer.

Virtually any file type is allowed, up to 5 GB. Files may be set as public, shared or private and will have a unique URL.

Pricing is cheaper than anything else I’ve seen: $0.15 per GB of storage per month, and $0.20 for each GB of data transferred up or downstream. This translates to $15 per month for 100 GB of storage, net of any transfer fees (to move that much data on to S3 would be a one time cost of $20). These prices are going to be significantly below the development and ongoing costs for small or medium sized storage projects – meaning a lot of the front end services I’ve previously profiled will be much better off moving their entire back end to S3.