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Banned twitter password obtained directly from their source code, I wonder if it is normal to use javascript to do something of this kind.


(function() {
var r = [“000000″,”111111″,”11111111″,”112233″,”121212″,”123123″,”123456″,”1234567″,”12345678″,”123456789″,”131313″,”232323″























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Entered in the browser url and got this message, I wonder what this might be.

HTTP Host:
Generated: July 15th 2010 10:35:18 AM PDT
Locale: nu_ll
Path: css/34xs4zq8yiasksoo.pkg.css

.ego_page #fb_menubar_logo .fb_logo_link{padding-left:0}
.ego_page #fb_menubar{width:980px}
.ego_page #universal_search{padding-right:0}
.ego_page .UIWashFrame_MainContent{padding-left:0;width:980px}
.ego_page .UIWashFrame_MainContent{padding-left:0;width:980px}
.ego_page .UIWashFrame_Content{width:720px}
.ego_page .UIWashFrame_SidebarAds{width:auto}
.ego_page .footer .info{width:490px}
.ego_page .UIStandardFrame_Container{padding-left:0;width:980px}
.ego_page .UIStandardFrame_Content{width:720px}
.ego_page .UIStandardFrame_SidebarAds{width:auto}
.ego_page .photo_metadata .left_metadata{width:490px}
div.ego_header{margin:0 0 5px 0}
.ego_unit .UIImageBlock_Content{padding-top:0}
.ego_x{display:block;float:right;height:13px;margin:1px 2px 0 7px;width:11px;background:transparent url(/rsrc.php/z3O30/hash/3wq3vjh4.png) no-repeat -869px -65px;text-indent:-5000px}
a:hover.ego_x{background-color:#3b5998;background-position:-857px -65px;text-decoration:none}
.ego_spo .ego_image img{max-height:80px;max-width:100px;-ms-interpolation-mode:bicubic;_clear:expression(
style.height = this.offsetHeight > 80 ? "80px":"auto",
style.width = this.offsetWidth > 100 ? "100px":"auto",
style.clear = "none", 0
.ego_spo .click_text{color:#777}
.ego_spo .click_text:hover{text-decoration:none}
.ego_spo .ego_title{margin-bottom:4px;margin-right:20px}
.ego_spo .ego_social_context{margin-top:2px}
.ego_spo .UIEMUASSocialContext{padding-bottom:0}
.ego_medium .ego_image img{max-width:80px;-ms-interpolation-mode:bicubic;_clear:expression(
style.width = this.offsetWidth > 80 ? "80px":"auto",
style.clear = "none", 0
.ego_medium a.ego_fb_photo{border:1px solid #ccc;padding:2px}
.ego_medium a.ego_fb_photo img{max-height:100px;max-width:74px;-ms-interpolation-mode:bicubic;_clear:expression(
style.height = this.offsetHeight > 100 ? "100px":"auto",
style.width = this.offsetWidth > 74 ? "74px":"auto",
style.clear = "none", 0

#bootloader_css_34xs4zq8yiasksoo_pkg_css { height: 42px; }

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Email sent out by SnapNames


On February 15, SnapNames will raise the starting bid for backorders for all deleting domain names from $59 to $69. This starting bid increase applies only to orders for names that are deleted from their respective registries (not the expiring or privately held names listed from registrar partners or sellers).

This change applies exclusively to new orders—any previously placed deleting domain name backorders will be grandfathered in and remain at a starting bid amount of $59; thus, $59 will be the opening bid if the name enters our system. (Note, if you are the only bidder in this scenario, like today you will be the buyer at $59. If another party backorders the same name after February 15, that party’s opening bid will be at $69 and the system will alert you to raise your bid if you so elect.)

As is the case today, all non-deleting domain names will enter our system at the starting bid price specified by the listing party. Opening bids for those names will stay at the amounts originally set.

There is no change to auction procedures. If there is only one bidder for a name at the time of its availability, the name will be awarded to that bidder. For names with more than one interested party, the names will go to auction and the highest bid at or above the starting bid amount will prevail.

Questions can be directed to the SnapNames support team:



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Google took the world by storm, by offering over 5 GB, and still increasing at 0.000002 GB, for the Gmail service.  It was an amazing push, giving the user a reason not to delete any email.  Then followed Hotmail with the increase in capacity, yahoo providing unlimited space. 

Initially Hotmail had come out with Email for corporates, but you had to transfer your domain to MelbourneIT.  This was rather hopeless, because, you ended up paying more w.r.t renewal charges.  Google apps came out with just changing the MX records, and this was brilliant.

Google Maps, Street View got developers working wonderful applications for the users, Bing followed without the street view.

Netscape came out with the tabbed browser, which I believe was around 1999, 5 years down the line, Netscape dead, Firefox born, with browser addons, made browsing amazingly simple, faster, and it was from Mozilla.  Microsoft still with their open new window policy came a little too late with their tabbed browser.  Now Google is out with their browser, its lightweight, loads quickly, has a list of recently opened websites as large icons on a newly opened tab. Unlike Firefox, each tab in Chrome is listed as a process, which enables the killing one of them if it hangs.

Then comes from Google, Chromium, an OS, adding value to cloud. Nexus One brought in with Android OS, snugged into the apple market in a years time.

Facebook currently is setting out with the a platform for Mobile devices, probably why Zuck, said, iPad is a computer.

Are there no more brilliant ideas, than doing better than the other with Internet Giants any more?

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1. The quality and stability of the hosting company. Search the internet to check if they have got a rating and review.

2. Space provided at least 5 GB

3. The no limit for the mysql db, even if it is one database. Remember the database increases as time passes.

4. The number of consecutive connections permitted, at least 10. In the even digg decides to kiss you 😀

5. If you are going for a personal website then look below $6.

6. The bandwidth provided is for decoration. You will not need the said bandwidth unless you are having over 20,000 hits a month, if this is the case the you make enough money from google adsense to fund a dedicated server.

7. Dont buy the gimmick of 12 months of pre-paid hosting and you get 12% off, as you might change your web host after 4 months, if you are not satisfied with the current.

8. The number of emails does not play a role if you are a small business. Web hosts say they will provide you with 1000 emails. Just a question, what are you going to do with this many emails anyway?

9. Some web host provide the same price for linux and windows hosting, check the features and go for what is convenient.

10. The support response will be 12 or 12 hours or minutes, but when you really need the support you will never get one.

11. Do not fall for the SSL certificate shit, as you will not require them unless you are doing credit card transaction. Assuming you are doing one too, you will have a link clicked to forward the details to a page that will have a SSL certificate.


easy way:
Switch# write erase
Switch# delete flash:vlan.dat
Switch# reload
Now the real easy way
hold the mode button for 10 seconds, the switch wipes all config clean.