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easy way:
Switch# write erase
Switch# delete flash:vlan.dat
Switch# reload
Now the real easy way
hold the mode button for 10 seconds, the switch wipes all config clean.

It seems that the HD-DVD has been cracked again before its next update was released, agrees the anti-copying behind the HD-DVD.  The next update meaning before the previous one was patched up.

They spent millions of dollars to get a DRM, now its broken free of charge, that broken key was posted all over the internet for free or people posted them.  People downloaded movies for free without seeing the so called DRM.

Patch again guys, broken again guys

You host with godaddy then its a fine web host if you have 1 hit a month, very sweet going. If you have above 15,000 hits a month, godaddy cannot survive that. They bring down the website with a 503 and 403 error. Send them a email asking what is the problem, it seems you are sending a mail to dead people. No reply at all. Then I write an email to Bob Parson, President of GoDaddy, it takes him (secretary reply) 3 days to respond.

The reason if asked, given by them is that they cannot reproduce the problem therefore they have no idea what happened, the reply comes after 15 hours after the issue first reported. They send a confirmation email very nicely saying do not reply we will get back to you.

One thing is sure they have very old servers which will not survive a digg effect. Now that is a shame.

This should prove that godaddy is hiring dumb heads and stupids who have no idea what they are dealing with.

Microsoft is crying about suing all Linux and open source users before and after the launch of vista. From the reviews written by eminent professionals, it is clear cut that there is no reason specified by Microsoft. They bought suse to strike at the open source community with proprietary claims., their claims were futile.

Now having sold just 244 license of vista in the Chinese market, which I believe that Microsoft has sold w.r.t the what vista had to provide, its pretty good. Oh and to add their wonderful list of multiple updates and patches before and after the release of the much delayed and much awaited vista. How much they have sold in the North American,Europe, ASIA is to bee seen.

Anyway coming back to the claims that every grandmother who uses Linux has to pay Microsoft a royalty is foolishness, that would have one statement that Microsoft is making now money down the line. They are not even making money in the office 2007 line too. They have a sharepoint system which only corporates of size greater than 1000 find useful and worth paying for.

Finally just ignore the crying baby, its finally going to stop and start minding its own business. Business if it has one.

WIPA  is an organisation that brings Australian Web professionals together to exchange ideas, participate in debate, advance education and promote ethical practice

To do this WIPA aims to focus on:

Providing information and assistance to Web industry professionals through forums, mail lists, seminars, events and workshops
Providing assistance to individuals who are trying to enter the Web industry
Lobbying governments and decision makers, when required, on behalf of Web industry professionals
Educating the broader public about roles and responsibilities of Web professionals
Being a catalyst for change within the Web industry
Collating best practice guidelines and policies for dissemination to members
Working with other industry and special interest groups to improve the Web industry

How can you recreate a 503 error when your website had one. That had been getting through my mind, ever since my website had been down for a 503 error.

I host with godaddy and they rectified the error, and wrote back to me saying that they were not able recreate the 503 error and therefore are not able to resolve. Isn’t that funny. Even more one of their customer support, infact 2 of them wrote to me, asking me to clear my browser cache.

One of them writes to me

“Unfortunately, we are unable to replicate your error. Please verify that you are still encountering this error, and please provide the specific URL of these errors, and we will be happy to assist you in this matter.”

Now when somebody says a 503 error does it not mean for the particular directory or domain, how would the “specific url” come into concern – help me

Here is another one from their support

“Thank you for contacting Online Support. I was unable to duplicate the issue. The URL provided by you did show a page. The problem that you are experiencing may be a web browser “Cookie” related issue.

Please follow the directions below to modify the settings for an Internet Explorer browser:

1. From the Tools / Internet Options menu in Internet Explorer click the ‘Privacy’ tab
2. Click ‘Advanced’ then place a check mark in ‘Override Automatic Cookie Handling’
3. Select ‘accept’ in both ‘first-party’ and ‘third-party’ cookies
4. Place a check in ‘Always allow session cookies’

Now attempt to login (I am not trying to login to my account, I am trying to view my website)  to your account again and see if this has fixed the problem.

If you are not currently using Internet Explorer as your browser, please check with your browser vendor for instructions on how to clear cookies and allow a cookie for a specific site”. Dont they provide support for firefox?

hmmm…………… what has a 503 error to do with the browser cache. I simply do not understand that.

still with the issue on how to recreate a 503 error. Help me to help godaddy.