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I am posting this eventhough my blog is moved to another location.

I was wondering as to why Atariboy and scobelizer stays on top of blog ranking. Atariboy has blogmad to get a number of hits. now the hits are directed to wordpress.
whereas scoble is a well known face in the tech crowd. The comments are well formated and this is where he gets his hits.

So its not a surprise they are both on top at some point. Currently Scoble is on top.


Australian IT reports that comments made by Microsoft’s Dave Block at the Intel Developer Forum suggest that Microsoft, in an effort to conjure up that old Windows 95 magic, is planning to release Windows Vista and Office 2007 on the same day later this year. If you are old enough to remember the midnight launch of Windows 95, you’ll recall a heady time for geeks everywhere standing in line in front of brick and mortar memories like Egghead Software dancing in place to the Stones’ Start Me Up. Well.. OK… it was whatever passes for dancing in the geek set.