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The current dashboard for wordpress is not all that great for once reason, is that its far too complicated to look at and it looks all same everywhere.

Can wordpress give an option to users whether new or old dashboard.


the avatars are an excellent idea, BUT

if wordpress could let users know the exact pixel size required for  the avatar then it would be easy to create one, with a pre-determined size.

I am posting this eventhough my blog is moved to another location.

I was wondering as to why Atariboy and scobelizer stays on top of blog ranking. Atariboy has blogmad to get a number of hits. now the hits are directed to wordpress.
whereas scoble is a well known face in the tech crowd. The comments are well formated and this is where he gets his hits.

So its not a surprise they are both on top at some point. Currently Scoble is on top.

wordpress stats1.jpg

This is the second time I am getting website stats bar graph on my blog stats.

WordPress servers are getting slow and heavy as the days go by.

request time out for wordpress???? and when the blog stats was checked it showed stats from 2003, hmm…