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I don’t get it why people are trying to reset this blogs password.  Get yourself a  And I am not selling you this blog either.  Thank you for visiting.

Windows 8 developer interface is best for touch screens. They made it too much of a touch screen, that having the mouse makes you feel back to kindergarten.  Take a look at the above pic its more of games, and social networking, what was Microsoft thinking.


Download Windows 8 Beta-Developer Preview:

Windows 8 32 bit Developers preview Size 2.8 GB

Windows 8 64 bit Developers preview Size 3.6 GB

Windows 8 64 bit Developers preview with Developers tools (SDK) for Metro style apps Size 4.8 GB


The below screens are if you navigate with the windows vista / 7 booted and double click the setup.exe file.

The next set of images shows the installation at boot time.

I had Windows Vista installed, therefore it the boot option.  Below screens are post installation.

Requesting you for a PC Name

Opting for the customizing

After installation, first screen right below. You will notice there is more of games, and mesmerizing stuffs, that does not mesmerize much. Anyway the vote is yours











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Banned twitter password obtained directly from their source code, I wonder if it is normal to use javascript to do something of this kind.


(function() {
var r = [“000000″,”111111″,”11111111″,”112233″,”121212″,”123123″,”123456″,”1234567″,”12345678″,”123456789″,”131313″,”232323″























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Entered in the browser url and got this message, I wonder what this might be.

HTTP Host:
Generated: July 15th 2010 10:35:18 AM PDT
Locale: nu_ll
Path: css/34xs4zq8yiasksoo.pkg.css

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.ego_page .UIWashFrame_Content{width:720px}
.ego_page .UIWashFrame_SidebarAds{width:auto}
.ego_page .footer .info{width:490px}
.ego_page .UIStandardFrame_Container{padding-left:0;width:980px}
.ego_page .UIStandardFrame_Content{width:720px}
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.ego_page .photo_metadata .left_metadata{width:490px}
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#bootloader_css_34xs4zq8yiasksoo_pkg_css { height: 42px; }

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Hacker Evolution Duality, new hacking simulation and strategy game developed by Exosyphen studios will be available for Linux and you can pre-order the game now for $19.95.

About the Game
The game features a world populated by other hackers (AI). You will be able to play against them, or join them. Your choices of playing the game, will be virtually unlimited. Each hacker will be controlled by a neural network based Artificial Intelligence.
I tested Alpha build on my system and it is running quite nice though it seems not all game features are included in this build.
Every level in the game have certain objectives to complete within a pre-defined time limit. To complete the objectives, you will have to go through various servers and hack them using various tools like EMP and DOS attacks. However, each server have different strengths determined by firewall power, CPU power and integrity.
Most of the time, you will not be able to hack a server in just one EMP or DOS attack. So you will have to attempt multiple attacks on the server to the point that it gets really weak, ready to be hacked. But each decisions you make costs you time and you cannot use two successive EMP or DOS attacks as there is a certain recharge time before you can use them again.
Also, you cannot just attack a server and go. The server will retaliate as soon as you start a hacking attempt and a timer will start. Once the timer goes off, it will start tracing you and you may have to quickly move away from the server, even if your hacking attempt is not finished. Say if a level have ten servers and in attempt to hack them all you get fully traced before completing your objectives, the level fails. Though the only level in this build is easy and there is really low chance that you will get traced.
So, everything is about choices you make. Though the game looks straight forward, its actually quite addictive. The game animations, music and sound effects are really good. Wish I could test more features, levels and game modes in higher difficulty settings.
Installation Instructions
  • Grab the Alpha build from here
  • Extract the archive, install the dependency libglut3
  • Run 32bit or 64bit executable from the game folder


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Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer on Monday confirmed that Windows 8, the next iteration of the software giant’s operating system, will be available in 2012.

Speaking at a Microsoft Developer Forum in Tokyo today, Ballmer said Microsoft is “obviously hard at work on the next version of Windows.”

“As we look forward to the next generation of Windows systems, which will come out next year, there’s a whole lot more coming,” he continued. “As we progress through the year, you ought to expect to hear a lot about Windows 8. Windows 8 slates, tablets, PCs, a variety of different form factors.”

variety of rumors regarding Windows 8 have popped up on the Internet in recent months, but Microsoft has yet to confirm any particular features it will add to the OS. While Ballmer didn’t go into detail about what Windows 8 users will see, he did outline several areas into which Microsoft is committed to investing.

One of those areas is the natural user interface, or “the notion that we really want to speak, wave and gesture, touch and mark on our computing devices,” Ballmer said. Microsoft wants your device to recognize you and your actions, like Kinect does for gaming (and your Netflix and Hulu queues).

To that end, Microsoft is also focusing on natural language. “Today on a PC, it’s file open, blah, blah, blah, respond, reply, forward. I can’t just say to my device, get me ready for my trip to Tokyo,” Ballmer said. ” We ought to make it so that the search engines, and the user interface of the device can take actions on our behalf.”


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You probably are a frequent Windows or Linux user, used to one key delete.  On the Mac there is no direct delete button for a file, but Apple Key(CMD)+BACKSPACE should do the trick.

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